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24-Aug-2017 13:28

We believe that theatre is nothing less than a cultural force that has the power to transform the lives of individuals and society at large.

Whether you are a newcomer, new mover or a long established resident of Greater Augusta, you will find helpful articles, new information, friendly vendors and useful links, all on one website. Setting up a new household, be it solo or for a family, usually means jumping through a seemingly endless array of hoops.

There are many elements that influence the cost of a rental, and depending on these factors, you can imagine making tax free income ranging from the cost to rent a house on Lake Thurmond to the cost of renting a mansion in Malibu!

Carefree time with a child is one of life’s great joys.

Most of our theatre performances are done in dinner theatre format.Through the Lyceum Series, the Student Activities Office presents national and international music, dance, and theatre companies.