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22-Aug-2017 18:32

Per section 3.1.1 on in-app purchases, Apple has added the following bullet point: Basically, the App Store now operates on the same level of some Asian countries which have laws on the books about loot box (or gacha) mechanics.

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Should Taylor fans be worried that her new album and direction may bomb? And, Kylie is still preggers.​If you thought the country was divided, wait until you hear Perez vs. Rita Ora isn't Bey's "Becky with the good hair." And Perez finally admits that he's completely bored of anything Kardashian. Perez went to Disney and Chris Brown wants your sympathy. He also has some strong opinions about the American Idol runner up and her comments about "gay lifestyle." The guys also learn that Kylie Jenner made wigs a thing. The guys dissect Perez's birthday party and Booker chastises him for his lack of game.Soon, AR is going to affect the way we shop, experts say, because all you need is a phone.Moreover, few early adopters of augmented reality, Ikea and Wayfair, have stated it has driven their sales.Is the new Beyoncé a bust or is she the greatest of all time?

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Also, Perez reviews new music from a pretty big group and wasn't feeling it.

And you know it's bad when the guys are excited for any Kardashian news! And, Kevin Spacey's coming out didn't play so well.. Perez is fighting with seemingly everybody this week. " Kanye continues to spend like the world is going to end. And more on the falling of the star known as Ariana Grande. Fifth Harmony seems to be cracking under the pressures of touring. And what's with all of these pop stars and their "anxieties? Music news about Frank Ocean, Demi Lavato and Nick Jonas. The guys break down the Calvin/Taylor Demi/Wilmer and Gi Gi/Zayn break-ups and Perez contends that there is one couple in there that nobody cares about. The guys break down the entire Billboard Music awards, including the best and worst performances of the night and Bieber fans aren't gonna like this.