Crveni kamion sive boje online dating

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The world about them has become so absurd that they seem to each other the only sober people left.

The story takes place in June 1991 in Yugoslavia, only a few days before the outbreak of the Yugoslav War.

“ (1983), mini album „Nove godine“ (1983), „Budimo zajedno“ (1984) i „Izgleda da mi smo sami“ (1990).

Po raspadu matičnog benda, Delča kreće u samostalnu karijeru i sa pratećim bendom Sklekovi snima albume „Delča i sklekovi“ (1994), „S’ jezikom u usta“ (1994) i „Krenuo sam davno, ne sećam se gde“ (2003).

Suzana (Aleksandra Balmazović), an urban Belgrade girl, discovers she is pregnant and wants to do an abortion.

As her father, who believes that the emerging chaos won't last, uses their money for a speculative investment, she decides to go to Dubrovnik to earn the money for abortion.

He is a rural Bosnian introvert obsessed with trucks.For him she is the first woman he can talk to; for her he is just another idiot to add to the long list of them that she has so far compiled.