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Remember, also, that before the New Year, Christmas and Easter tickets get the hardest part.And the proposal, type «ticket cheap» in this period You can't find.The countryside that surrounds the town is also beautiful.The most interesting places which are protected by UNESCO and which we recommend are the picturesque Czech villages Holašovice (24km from Cesky Krumlov) and Svachův Dvůr (7km from Cesky Krumlov).

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Captivating castle Cesky Krumlov, which is also an UNESCO monument, may be entered from April to October and its tour is highly recommended.Walks in the baroque gardens with French and English garden designs are wwhen the International Music Festival is held.But whether you are planning to visit Cesky Krumlov in this time of year or any other, you will certainly not be bored or disappointed.The tour introduces you to the castle, with its impressive architecture of major courtly residences from the 16th - 18th centuries with rare Renaissance and Baroque frescoes on the buildings around five castle courtyards.

You can choose from two tours that are held inside the castle across the historic interior installations from the 16th - 19th centuries and see the castle tower with a dungeon and exhibition of Baroque sculptures.

You will find Cesky Krumlov to be a picturesque town with an unique atmosphere that you immediately fall in love with.