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So while the girls know how to to dress according to tznius social norms, the guys know how to wear their yarmulkes and everyone seems to be pronouncing their suf’s and tuf’s as if they grew up modern orthodox, they really don’t have a clue and while there are many instances where the Baal Teshuva (and converts too) may need help, several of you have expressed distress while joining the complicated world of frum dating – otherwise known as the shidduch crisis.The average baal teshuva entering the shidduh market is already behind, they are usually older, better looking, better educated, have no yichus (royal lineage) and if they are a girl – their parents are much less likely to support their husband in the lowest paying doctorate program on earth (Kollel) This is without even talking about the social disadvantages, many people don’t want to date or their kids dating Baal Teshuvas.

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At Urban Traditional, the beauty of our timeless Jewish traditions and the importance of Jewish family life plays an integral part in the framework of our site.

Every time I try to set up BT’s, someone will inevitably ask how long they have been frum for (which I think is a perfectly valid question) and you best be counting a little beyond the actual transition, like that time when you washed and benched with a mezuman for a pulled pork sandwich – you were frum already.