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20-Nov-2017 04:33

He was willing to take an honest look at himself and his dating patterns, and he did the work to get clear on what was holding him back and what he wanted for himself in the future. Within six months, he was engaged to a woman whom he describes as “Spectacular.

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I hear the same complaints in Katamon and Tel Aviv as I do on the Upper West Side in New York City, in LA, Chicago, Columbia, and Toronto.Instead, it takes courage and the right support to have a new experience that will be empowering.Another mistake is not really being open in the way that’s most important when it comes to finding healthy lifetime love--vulnerable.A: Well, we’re here in Israel to celebrate the wedding of Jessica, one of our success stories!

She started the Make It Happen This Year program just last August.

My Make It Happen This Year program—made up of Finding the One and Dating Camps—clears the inner space for love to thrive and also teaches singles how to date in a new and inspired way that attracts just the right people.