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In the third season, the team gets kicked out from the Fourth Division and becomes "Omskaya Gazmyasochka" when Kishelsky dresses his players up like women in the hopes of playing against women's teams and thus winning.

However, this plan does not work either and the team still loses all of their games.

The female customers, particularly those who are there with a man, are always rudely insulted and brutally thrown out of the restaurant.

She tricks her students into bringing her money from their parents, saying that the money is going for a good cause.

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He works at the Chelyabinsk steel factory number 69 (the show's creators originally wanted to depict factory number 68, which actually exists, but the factory's manager refused to have it on the show; he said that there are no gays at his factory).She also encourages her students to swear, drink, and steal.

El turismo —en definición de la Organización Mundial del Turismo— comprende «las actividades que realizan las personas durante sus viajes y estancias en lugares distintos a su entorno habitual por un período de tiempo consecutivo inferior a un año, con fines de ocio, negocios u otros».​ Si no se realiza pernoctación, se consideran excursionistas.… continue reading »

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Los pueblos del Moncayo, quiz los Celtiberi propiamente dichos, se localizan al norte de los lusones.… continue reading »

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This message resulted in the Church receiving threatening phone calls. Unlike previous Anonymous attacks, this action was characterized by 4chan memes including rickrolls and Guy Fawkes masks.… continue reading »

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