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This is a reference to the original Phantom of the Opera novel, in which the Phantom used the mirrored chamber as a torture chamber to drive victims insane.

See more » When the Phantom takes Christine down to the catacombs for the first time, her hair and makeup slowly change from being simple and understated, to more sophisticated and womanly.

Don't ask me where but I seem to recall reading that Gaston Leroux was a technical advisor for this 1916 GERMAN production.

Anyone else baffled by this lapse of patriotism for Monsieur Leroux?

In the history of crime fiction, he represents a transition from Gothic novel villains of the 19th century to modern-day serial killers.

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Far beneath the majesty and splendour of the Paris Opera House hides the Phantom in a shadowy existence.Will Raoul, the Vicomte, be able to stop this dastardly plan?At the end of the Masquerade scene, Raoul briefly enters a circular chamber full of mirrors.Some people have derided Gerard Butler's performance.

Frankly, I find his throaty, sometimes raspy voice to be right on par. In the final verdict, I find the movie versions of these songs to be FAR superiour to the Broadway versions. The director has stated that this was deliberate and that the change in Christine's appearance during this scene was intended as a metaphor to representing her sexual awakening. When it comes to sets, scenery and cinematography, they spared no expense. At the risk of sounding the heretic, I must say that a movie version removes the limitations of space and time to set up the stage, and so has the upper hand in the scenery and sets department.